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  • Name : Cell Phone Emails – BOT
  • Version : 1.0
  • OS : Windows/MAC
  • Type : Local Marketing Tools
  • Price : $27
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Software Provides You With Any Type Of Number You Need (Cell Phone, Direct Line, Landline Etc.) And Will Even Provide You With A List Of Emails – Any Type! And The Best Part Is That “You Can Select The Source You Want It From!” EXPORT It All On A CSV. [PLUS] Get Live Training On How To Turn These Leads Into Clients And More!


Cell Phones Emails – BOT (Business In A Box!)
Recent study at Forbes showed that 91% of small businesses use email as a form of communication with customers. And they stated that it’s 40 times more effective then Facebook, Twitter combined. That’s major!

So what does this all really tell us? It tells us that these small businesses are actively using emails everyday all day. Either on the phones, laptops or desktops!

For us consultants this is a big deal especially going into the New Year. And I’ll even give you my top 10 reasons why emails rocks when prospecting small businesses.

Easy credibility! It’s extremely easy to position yourself.
Close effectively with out the hassle of follow-ups.
Great relationship builder!
Gives you a chance to see what works and what doesn’t.
Reach the business owner on any device.
It makes you look sharp!
The response rate is 10 X’s faster.
Turn that prospect into an actual client on the spot.
Promote any of your services (only if they are interested).
Easy referrals! Some people may forward you to someone else.
Lets dive into PHONES in general. Through out the year I’ve seen lots of changes. And have tested a ton as well. And they all work it just all depends on what’s actually best for you land lines, cell phones, direct lines etc.

Another study at Forbes shows that even in 2017 cold calling via phones will still be an effective form of marketing! And I’ll tell you exactly why…

Because just like emails you can do a lot more compared how it use to be back in the 90’s. You can send text to speech, voice notes, live calls etc. Regardless to what any one says it works and it will continue to be another major source of communication for us consultants.

We built a solution called Emails Phones – BOT (Business In A Box) it enables you to generate leads from any source you want (Any) too many to list here “View the Demo” for the details. You can choose to generate land line leads, cell phone leads, direct line leads in ANY CITY it doesn’t matter our bot gets it done. EMAILS all you have to do with this tool is type in the niche and the type of email your looking for and it will pull it depending on the amount of pages you set. So for example: I can enter the niche, exact town I want, Any source, I can choose the type of lead I want, pages and I’m done. it’s all done on auto-pilot.

And to make things even better no manual work at all export it all on a CSV nice an organized for you to use to market to. We also have you covered as well! “Live Training Included!” we break it down step by step on how to turn these leads into clients (in any niche).
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