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  • Name : Blue Search
  • Version : 1.0
  • OS : Windows/MAC
  • Type : Local Marketing Tools, Real Estate
  • Price : $20
  • Homepage : SalePage

Build An Entire Local Consulting Business With “Blue Search The Business In A Box System!” The First And Only Software & Training To Connect With (The Blue Book) The Biggest Network Filled With General Contractors, Real Estate Management Companies And More! – Compatible With Mac/PC!


Building Up A Consulting Business All Around “The Blue Book” Exactly How I Did!

When it comes to finding a hot market I’m all over it! And even though many of my business partners and associates doubted that “The Blue Book” was a hot market I looked back and just laughed.

This site passes up information like hot cakes on a early morning! I’ve been able to find Websites, Business Owners names, Urls and other information all with out the use of “Google”.

The only problem I had was that I wasn’t able to export the leads! And if you guys know me I’ve built up a 6 figure local consulting agency alone and leads matter to me however we can get them it doesn’t matter.

If you aren’t on the blue book you aren’t shaking and baking!

What does that mean?

It means you aren’t really crushing it in your market. I come to find that most of the contractors and management companies I’ve found are actually making moves are all signed up in the blue book.

And the best part is! Is that some of these guys aren’t even that big so sparking a conversation with them is extremely easy and would be more then willing to hear what it is you have to offer as a local marketer.

Getting down to the meat!

I put together a 2 video 5 min long video showing you how I’ve been able to build a business just based of this 1 website. And that’s not it I love giving value I’m a live session on GTW showing you what I’ve been doing to crush it on the blue book.

I’m not finished – I’m giving you the same exact software I use to make the magic happen! these leads are worth $1,000’s of dollars with out a doubt and the it’s a guarantee that your competitors aren’t on to this.

Take this all home for $20 flat!

I’ll see you inside!
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